Break-Fix vs. Managed Services

Customers have historically used IT support companies that provide reactive solutions for their technology challenges. In some instances, this served the IT company well, as their service would be judged by how quickly they can attend to a problem. Typically, customers that rely on technology to operate would benefit from using a managed services solution, however many of those that are trying to save on expenses will often opt for a break-fix approach. The question is how do you choose what IT service model is right for your business: break-fix or managed services? Break-Fix As the name indicates, this is a model that is a pay-as-you-need service. What’s unfortunate about this approach is

Cyber Attacks: An Inside Job

A crime committed by or with the assistance of a person living or working on the premises where it occurred. That is the definition of an “Inside Job” according to Merriam-Webster. Many business owners associate the attackers as a hoodie-clad person slouched over a keyboard, from some foreign location. Companies such as Equifax and Home Depot spend millions on their external threat defenses against these faceless digital nemeses. The fact is the majority of our attacks are an “Inside Job.” In a Cyber Security Intelligence Index conducted by IBM, 60% of all attacks were determined to be carried out by insiders. An accountant may have replied to a message he/she believed to have come from the