Perks of an MSP over Break-fix & in-house IT

Let me throw you a hypothetical: You’re the owner of a small business with about 50 full-time users, all working on-site in the office as most people would. Each employee has their own device provided by the company that are all connected through the organizations network. You have some basic security as was recommended when you first set up all of your devices, but beyond that you don’t really concern yourself with what’s going on with the backend of things. Nonetheless, it might not be perfect, but it works, and hasn’t failed yet. The weekend’s approaching, it’s the start of the work day on Friday at 9:00am and Richard, the nice, older-man who keeps to himself but always gets his work done

Domestic vs. International Network Operating Center (NOC)

When a business is deciding on whether to get a domestic Network Operating Center (NOC) there is always the Cost Benefit Analysis question: Do I send my Network Operating Center off shore to save money or do I spend more and keep it local? Benefits of a Network Operating Center: Better customer experience When dealing with customer service issues it is important to keep the customer as happy as possibly. It requires more than just reading a script word for word. There needs to be some sort of empathy, a personal connection and that cannot be done with someone answering your call in a call center off shore. There must be some sort of relatability, whether that is geographically, linguistic