BMC TrueSight Cloud Security

Automate Security and Compliance Testing for your Multi-Cloud Environments

How To Automate Container and Cloud Security along with Remediation

Vicom in partnership with BMC has a solution:  TrueSight Cloud Security.  TrueSight Cloud Security is a single tool which automatically tests the configuration of cloud resources across AWS, Azure, and GCP, to assess the security of nearly any cloud asset.  It's a single solution to visualize the security posture of your multi-cloud operation.  It's built-in remediation quickly closes gaps and removes the manpower bottleneck to make security agile.  And because it is SaaS, there is nothing to install, so you can be securing your AWS, Azure, or GCP accounts in 15 minutes.


Decentralized IT Spending


Multi-Cloud Resources & Containers


Rapid Deployment of IT Services 


Securing & Auditing of Multi-Cloud Environments

Your Cloud Journey with Vicom

Organizations are moving forward with their digital transformations and are doing it increasingly in multi-cloud environments.  This makes sense to help drive innovation, flexibility, and agility, but yet increases complexity with IT services being decentralized across multiple cloud providers.  This complexity makes cloud security a growing concern and risk.  

Vicom helps customers with their digital transformations and unique needs of managing and supporting their environments, whether on-premise, in the cloud or multi-cloud. 


Our strong partnership with BMC and deep experience with multi-cloud environments will help you utilize BMC TrueSight Cloud Security to manage your cloud security effectively, securely, consistently and with an audit trail. 


By choosing Vicom as your cloud security consultant, we can provide the following functionality for your multi-cloud environments: 


Automated Security Assessments


Automated Remediation


Extensive Out-of-the-Box Policies


Container Security