Enable Business Results

Your business is the heart of what you do, and your IT needs to help support your vision, ideas, and results. 

Get the Business Results You Want

We understand that in today's business environment, technology is king. Whether you're trying to boost application performance, ensure information security or get more from the exploding volume of data that modern businesses must deal with, the path to success is good technology. We want to help you evolve in this constantly changing landscape and ensure you get the best results from your enterprise technology solutions.

Anticipate the future and develop methods of minimizing the effects to your business

Ensure you achieve the most efficient and flexible use of resources

Maximize your technology results so your business performs at optimal capacity

Vicom understands that your IT department is powering a set of specific business outcomes and that IT leaders have the challenge of translating those into available, robust, and manageable IT systems. This may sound simple, but it's not. Vicom helps IT leaders to architect powerful IT systems to enable specific business requirements and results, whether it be making applications and resources available in the cloud or improving data protection and security.

Translating Business Requirements

We have contributed to many of our client's successes in the enterprise technology market. However each company’s business has its own specific technology and operational requirements; and no one solution or system can satisfy the business needs of all companies. It is challenging for IT leaders to get their hands around it all and translate all of the various requirements of your IT infrastructure. Working with a third party, like Vicom, will help you understand all of the requirements of your business and how to provide the right foundation for building an IT infrastructure solution that is efficient and saleable and will meet your needs both today and tomorrow. Let our expert IT architects help you with the following:

  • Lead and coordinate the collection of data for assessment

  • Identify key business requirements in your IT infrastructure

  • Document and organize the business needs and processes

  • Analyze the business needs and define the business requirements

  • Communicate the business requirements to your IT leaders

Enhanced Futureproofing

Your customers are more empowered than ever before. As such, businesses need to transform themselves to meet this new and complex field of digital. We see many businesses jump to implement the latest technology advances, while futureproofing means thinking long term. These new technologies are constantly popping up, and many will fail. Vicom's 30+ years in the industry have taught our expert IT architects to gravitate to clear market leaders in enterprise technology, who will stand the test of time and evolve. With futureproofing, components of your architecture will need to be swapped out and we want to help you to adapt and be prepared for these changes. Vicom guides you through transforming your business, leveraging our services to provide you with agile and efficient solutions to meet customer needs.

  • Build systems that empower your IT infrastructure and enable your organization to thrive during and after change

  • Create open systems and solutions that can be configured and integrated with different components and plug-ins

  • Tactical and strategic advantages through futureproofing.

  • Careful documentation to allow your IT infrastructure to be modularly improved and iterated upon in the future

  • Design flexible and modular applications and solutions so you can change components of your system without having to rebuild the whole thing

  • Provide development and testing environment within our Innovation Center so your product is tested and going to function as expected

Architecting Ideal IT Platforms

Having the right IT platform allows your business to thrive and create value. The rise of platforms is being driven by transformative technologies such as: cloud, social, and mobile. Determining what type of platform will best suit your organization and what will power the platform to provide you with a durable competitive advantage is an important step in the assessment process. Let our expert IT architects guide your IT leaders through the following processes:

  • Work with our experts to identify the various types of IT platforms and the best fit for your organization

  • Determine any software framework or hardware architecture for your platform

  • Work with your IT leaders to build your IT platform

  • Successfully test your IT platform with our team of experts in Vicom's Innovation Center

Cost Effective Management

Technology demands are fast outgrowing the available resources; as such most IT leaders are being tasked to support and optimize their environment without overwhelming their current staff, while also reducing costs. Vicom's team of experts help you manage your infrastructure and solutions, and ensure that the goals for efficiency and optimization within your IT department and organization are always met. The following are some of the management tasks we can help you with:

  • Ideas on developing a management framework that’s relevant to your organizational environment

  • Develop and implement an effective and efficient management strategy

  • Management factors within your Data Center and Network & Systems, such as meeting time requirements

  • How processes, procedures, IT leaders, facilities, and tools must dovetail to create sustainable IT management performance