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Vicom offers a wide range of front office and client devices to meet the needs of medium and enterprise businesses. We bring in our portfolio products for specific and specialized needs from customers and users to make products suitable for your IT environments and organization.

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Chances are, things have changed in your business since you implemented your IT equipment. Your business may be growing faster than expected, and your equipment just isn't keeping up. Or you're facing challenges that require doing more with fewer resources.


Perhaps it's time to boost productivity, both yours and your employees, by automating some processes or improving collaboration with anytime, anywhere access to customer data. We provide growing range of high end client devices and front office equipment that will boost customer responsiveness, and reduce operating expenses.

Desktops and Notebooks

The delivery of virtually all business today is reliant upon information and communication technologies - either directly or indirectly. Front office operations function via the use of information technology and IT related devices and hardware. Vicom has provided client devices, such as PCs to its customers since 1982. We have worked hard over the last 30+ years to develop deep and lasting relationships with industry leaders who provide front office client devices to the market. As the largest regional IBM Premier Partner in the Northeast, Vicom has a comprehensive understanding of IBM devices, as well as our other premier partner's device offerings. Some of those device partners include the following:

Print Infrastructures

With our Print Infrastructure optimization, you can cut ongoing costs, reduce your IT footprint, streamline you print environment and make print management more efficient. It's a step that many medium and enterprise businesses are making the transition to. Our IT architects make this transition both easy and fast, so organizations like yours can start enjoying the benefits of print infrastructure optimization right away. Let us simplify your enterprise print management infrastructure. Some of the key benefits of our Print Infrastructure Solutions include:

  • Centralized administration

  • Support for mobile, BYOD, guest and secure printing

  • Incredible ease and speed of deployment

  • End user empowerment

  • Guaranteed efficiency, productivity, and cost savings.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Our Mobile Device Management, or MDM, is a solution that allows your IT staff to manage smartphones and tablets from the cloud or an MDM server. Depending on the specific MDM solution, IT administrators can deploy software, enable access to resources, track devices, remotely wipe data from devices, apply browsing policies, and more. This allows the organization to benefit from the advantages of mobility and BYOD, yet still enforce network access policies. We have found that some of the benefits of a mobile workforce include: enhanced productivity, streamlined apps, and increased user satisfaction. As a result, many of our clients have embraced mobility and BYOD initiatives over the past five years. Below are just some of the features of our MDM solution:

  • Device configuration

  • Network access

  • Application management

  • Data leak prevention

  • Remote monitoring & support