Configuration Center

A modern configuration facility for the rapid deployment of endpoint devices to meet SLA's for end-users no matter where they are located

Rapid Deployment of End-User Devices

Vicom's Configuration Center is a state of the art facility to help configure and deploy from 100-150 endpoint devices at one time.  We can have devices prepared, configured, and shipped immediately to your end-users, no matter where they are located and also have flexible shipping and warehousing options to help you meet your SLA's for end-users productivity needs.

Wealth of experience with configuration and logistics of end-user devices

Project Management for customized rollouts

Pre-managed or on-demand imaging of  endpoint systems

Flexible Integration Services to meet Customer Specific Requirements

Inventory Management to meet pre-defined SLA’s

Technicians & System Engineers available for guidance and planning

4,000 square foot Integration and Configuration Facility

  • End User Device Rollouts

  • Pre-Stage Complex Network Solutions

  • Pre-Stage Complex DataCenter Solutions

Complete Solution Capability

  • Client Devices, Server, Storage, Networking and DataCenter Products

  • All Types of Solutions and Devices Accommodated

  • Configure 100 - 150 Systems at one time