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Vicom’s Enterprise Blackout Manager (vEBM 3.0) a offers flexible and user-friendly interface to help you efficiently plan and schedule maintenance windows directly OR from your Change Management system to suppress false positives from becoming actionable items in your Event Management system.

vEBM’s feature rich easy to use Calendar view and Mobile interface let users create/edit/delete maintenance schedules quickly to eliminate non-actionable service tickets during scheduled outages

Feature rich, user friendly web interface

Simple yet powerful

Efficiently plan and schedule maintenance windows

5 questions to answer to determine if you need Enterprise Blackout Manager:

  1. How can I reduce false positives during scheduled outages? 

  2. How can I suppress unwanted noise from my NOC view for scheduled changes in my Service Desk?

  3. How can I quickly schedule outages for thousands of assets being affected by a global change?

  4. Do I need a “Manager of Managers” to manage my maintenance windows across the board?

  5. How can I leverage my business data in my CMDB to schedule maintenance windows for multiple assets for groups?


Vicom Enterprise Blackout Manager (vEBM) is an easy to use, planned maintenance scheduling software system that has built-in capability to help efficiently plan and schedule maintenance windows to suppress unwanted events within the Event Management System from generating actionable tickets into the IT Service Desk. vEBM's feature rich user-friendly web-interface lets users create/edit/delete Blackout/Maintenance Windows (BWs/MWs) quickly for event suppression from your Change Request Management system to automatically add MWs.

  • Offers a flexible and user-friendly software solution

  • Allows management escalation within the Event Management platform

  • Compliments Event Management Maintenance Window Management (MWM)

  • Helps efficiently plan and schedule maintenance windows

  • Perform maintenance directly or from the Change Management system

  • Suppress unwanted events from generating actionable tickets into the IT Service Desk


Vicom is a proven leader in Enterprise Management architecture, implementation, and optimization. Utilizing our vEBM solution, developed through years of real-world experience, we provide consistency and adherence to industry best practices, even as they continually change. We create and implement management solutions that make sense for your enterprise and translate into quantifiable cost savings, resulting in real dollars for other strategic initiatives. Some of the key benefits of our vEBM solution include:

New Calendar View provides instant Access to scheduled outages

Centralized web and mobile platform to manage all scheduled outages

Increased operators and maintenance efficiency

Improved confidence in Event Management tools with noise reduction

Significantly reduce the number of false positives for Help Desk

Creation of automated maintenance schedule in Event Management System from your Change Request Management System


Looking for a consistent and current approach to increase your enterprise operational efficiencies? Discover more about Vicom's flexible and user-friendly Enterprise Blackout Manager (vEBM) solution. Key highlights and features include:

  • Powerful capabilities such as bulk upload, load from Asset Management DB

  • Easy setup and support with your Event Management Platform

  • Define maintenance schedules at the Event Management Level or Change Request Management Level

  • Easily establish/search/edit unlimited number of recurring and/or one-time Maintenance Windows (MWs) for each asset or by group

  • Stay informed about upcoming MWs/Completed MWs

  • User-friendly dashboard and reports for easy viewing of current and future maintenance activities

  • View schedules — by day, week, or month

  • Create multiple, user-definable filters to view & manage your maintenance schedules

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