• Mohammed Yusuf

Why you Need an MSP

Predominately in today’s technology world, everything has an As A Service offering to it. Many companies are moving away from a capital expenditure model to more of an operational cost model. Leaner IT budgets, lack of subject matter experts and a search for more value are forcing the hands of small business owners. Managed Service Providers, or a remote IT department, have become more popular as organizations continue to search for more value. In this article, I discuss a few reasons why SMB’s need an MSP. If your organization is a victim of any of the below-mentioned challenges, then use of an MSP will most likely be in your future:

Lack of Time to Focus on Business

To be fair, you are more likely an expert in your chosen business industry versus IT. Organizations often don’t have an IT SME (Subject Matter Expert), onsite and utilize different staff members or ownership with some IT knowledge to manage their environment. Ask yourself this would you rely on your dentist to assist with preparing your taxes? While they may know a thing or two, they are probably better at providing you oral hygiene services. Hiring an MSP can help you focus on running your business, while the MSP focuses on running your IT and getting the best out of your technology to help grow your business. Technology should be an aid, not a headache.

Overbearing Cost

When most think of IT, they think of a cost center. From hardware to software upgrades, licenses renewals and break/fix costs. IT can become costly. SMB’s, while operating on a smaller budget, often find it difficult to afford a fulltime person, or continue to pay for these IT costs each time there is a challenge. Most MSP’s offer their services on a flat-fee, monthly basis. This makes it easy for companies to budget for technology and service to support this technology. This allows for predictability while reducing overall costs and overhead due to efficiently running systems.

Different Technologies

At first glance, many systems we use on a daily basis are relatively simple. However, when you start to mix and match technology from different manufacturers, you create a complex environment. When the technology starts to break down, business owners realize that technology in their environment is complex and difficult to support alone. By partnering with a quality MSP that provides proactive services, be assured that a team of experts is running your technology systems. Decreased maintenance and replacement costs are provided with the proactive model of the MSP and can help improve productivity and even profits.

Lack of Technical Expertise

A commonality faced by many small businesses is that employees often wear more than one hat. The challenge with this is that those that lack an IT background, but perhaps are more tech-savvy than others, are asked to look after the systems. However, “you don’t know what you don’t know,” your business is bound to suffer from gaps in knowledge of the latest IT developments. Instead of hiring a full-time IT staff member, consider an MSP who offers a multitude of services, but at a reduced cost. This would allow your employees to focus on their main roles, and give you the certainty that technical experts are helping meet your IT demands.

An MSP should be there to make your IT life easier, providing proactivity; technological expertise and helping your business drive forward. If you are facing any of the above-mentioned challenges, then an MSP would be the recommendation for your business.