• Fernando Silva

Challenges of Running a Small Law Firm in 2018

Small law firms are a crucial part of the U.S. legal market. Thomas Reuters’ Legal Executive Institute states that small law firms, those with fewer than 30 lawyers, account for just over 25% of the law firm market. These smaller firms face many issues and hardships that larger firms can just overpay to get resolved.

Just like any startup, owners and employees of these smaller firms all must wear different hats and deal with issues that go beyond the average lawyer’s knowledge. Rocket Matter took a survey of 300 small law firms and asked, “What were the main issues that small law firms face?” Of these 300 law firms, 69% of them state that they are spending far too much time on administrative tasks, like fixing network issues or resetting printers, which is digging into potential billable hours.

How Can Vicom ProServ’s Tools Alleviate This?


Vicom's Proserv solution, ProServ360, specializes in optimizing your IT environment while allowing administrative tasks to be minimized.

Preventative Maintenance:

ProServ's solution allow us to be proactive as opposed to being reactive towards IT related issues. This lessens time wasted on small tasks such as resetting passwords or attempting to reconnect a printer that has died.

Cost Reduction:

Having a fulltime IT tech will cost anywhere from $80,000-$150,000 a year, not including medical benefits and overtime pay. Vicom ProServ can provide full 24/7 IT support, from our Network Operations Center , for your entire environment for a fraction of the cost.

Implementing Vicom's ProServ tools will provide your business with a competitive edge over other law firms, allowing you to focus on practicing law, instead of IT.

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