• Corey Frankel

The Rise of Healthcare Information Technology

Focusing on the growth of your practice as well as maintaining and securing patient information is generally the ultimate goal of healthcare providers. The introduction of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, passed in 2009, encouraged all healthcare providers to progressively switch from paper records to electronic data to keep a more seamless database of patient information. However, with the implementation of new technologies moving nearly all industry practices to the web, keeping your patient’s personal information secure has proven to become increasingly difficult in an ever-changing digital world.

Oftentimes, healthcare providers will hire their own, in-house IT team with the intention of cutting outsourcing costs and keeping their infrastructure on premises. What providers may not be aware of is the near $300,000 average recurring cost that is incurred from a fully-staffed IT team. So, while you may now have the proper IT support you need, it can be a huge financial burden on both smaller practices and institutions lacking excess capital.

To keep recurring costs down and keep all of your valuable information secure, you should select an MSP like Vicom ProServ. Why? Well, that’s easy:

  1. IT team too expensive? No problem. Our ProServ 360 package is a monthly flat-fee IT department for your business that covers everything from network issues, anti-virus monitoring, and proactive maintenance and support.

  2. With a domestically based Network Operating Center, our technicians are locally-based, native speaking, nearby experts who are available to walk you through our issues every step of the way on YOUR schedule. No more overseas time constraints.

  3. Trouble with ransomware or data breaches? No worries. Our technicians will actively monitor your environment to notify you of any suspicious activity as well as offer online training classes to your employees to better prepare them for the next attack.

  4. We’re a true partner to you. We only succeed if you succeed. That’s why we make it our mission to help you grow as a partner by setting up periodic visits with our Chief Information Officer to implement best practices and integrate new systems that will help you grow.

Here at ProServ, we’re more than just a managed service provider, were your partner here to ensure your success. Contact us at 1-800-266-4601 or ProServ@vicomnet.com to learn more.