• Fernando Silva

Greatest Challenges Facing Private School Administrators

Academia is an always changing industry, just like technology. Today, institutions are doing their best to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to technology and forms of education their students. Administrators face new and foreign challenges daily because everything is changing so rapidly and adapting to our new society. This now becomes a deterrent and does not allow the administrators to focus on what is important: the student’s educational lives.

Below are some of the reason as to why administrators are not able to use their time optimally:

1. Competition:

Competition is needed in any industry, in the academic world especially.Schools need to always be improving for their students to come out as prepared as possible; whether that’s through improvement of facilities, keeping their staff educated or having the latest technologies for their students to thrive.This creates high stress levels for administrators as they try to find that competitive edge that will attract top tier students.

Solution: ProServ360 Tool

ProServ360 focuses on enhancing your IT environment so there are no headaches when it comes to your IT needs.One solution included in the tool is access to a vCIO, Virtual Chief Information Officer. The vCIO is your business consultant, they become SME’s, Subject Matter Experts, in your space and make sure that you are as competitive as possible in your industry when it comes to your technologies.

2. Pitfalls of Technology:

Private schools have seen a huge influx of viruses, malware, ransomware and just overall human error because of the constant change in technology. On average, the costs for technical services, lost productivity and the value of lost data is about $4,000 an incident. If that data is lost permanently then the average cost of fixing that is much higher at about $20,000.

Solution: ProServ XT Data Protection

This service was specifically built to protect your environment from these attacks through DNS monitoring/tracking as well as Security Awareness Training to all the employees. Simply educating employees on what to look for lowers ransomware attacks by 30%.

3. Lack of Communication & Inefficiencies:

There is a huge lack of effective continued training in school systems. This makes it very difficult for teachers to find a place for new technologies in their classrooms because they are not aware or they do not know how to make the technology happen. According to e-Skool There are heavy complaints from teachers that they do not have the support personnel or training in place to take advantage of current technologies.

Solution: Network Admin

ProServ360 assigns each school with a Network Administrator who oversees making sure best practices are run from a technology standpoint. They make sure everything is up to date, make sure employees know how to use the new technologies and implement some sort of standardization in the environment so there is fluidity throughout the system.

At the end of the day, our ProServ tools have been tailor made to enhance your environment, remove IT headaches and keep you competitive in the Academic world so schools and teachers can focus on what is important: educating our young students so they come out as prepared as possible to take on real world challenges.

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