• Corey Frankel

Get Your Online-Based Company Running Better Than Ever Before

With the rise of Digital Media in the past decade, maintaining an online presence is now essential to be successful. Whether that’d be accessing your companies online services, online store, customers support, or just your social media accounts ­– we now live in a truly digital world. And this is where you come in… businesses contact you to increase their online presence and attract a larger clientele. Whether you’re creating an advertising campaign for an up-and-coming clothing brand, a new restaurant in the area, & nearly everything else under the sun. Businesses utilize your creative processes to increase the profitability of their business ­– but who do you turn to increase the profitability of your own? If you’re putting all your focus into helping other business owners, you’re leaving your business open to fend for itself.

That’s where Vicom ProServ can help.

Computer crash? Network connectivity issues? Virus/cyber-attack? Dated hard/software? Any of this sound familiar? If not, you can consider yourself lucky to not have had to deal with any one of these financially burdening issues. But how long are you going to remain lucky before perhaps you fall a victim to a ransomware email, losing all your data, and being forced to pay an unfathomable amount just to possibly retrieve your data. And if you have faced any number of these issues before, you already understand how much of a headache this can be to your business, along with the multiple hours and thousands of dollars wasted trying to fix the issue.

Here at Vicom ProServ, we offer package deals for a low, flat-cost, monthly fee that takes care of all the previous problems and then some. If you have some hardware that is slow, our ProServ technicians can optimize it and extend the lifetime of the machine. Network environment spotty or unsecure? We will install a managed anti-virus application on all your machines, as well as monitor network activity and make you aware of any incoming/outgoing suspicious connections.

We can also install an optional 4G LTE back-up router to that automatically turns on as soon as internet connection is lost and vice versa once restored. You or your employees facing an abundance of ransomware/phishing problems? We can educate them on how to avoid potentially financially-burdening scams and decrease your businesses susceptibility to incoming threats by up to 30%. Hardware out of date and running old systems? No worries, we will introduce you to our vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) who will evaluate your environment, & inform you of some of the necessary changes you can make that have been proven to increase business productivity.

Here at Vicom, we want to be more than just your managed service provider, but your business partner as well. Contact us at 1-800-266-4601 or ProServ@vicomnet.com to learn more about how we can better help you.