• Fernando Silva

Domestic vs. International Network Operating Center (NOC)

When a business is deciding on whether to get a domestic Network Operating Center (NOC) there is always the Cost Benefit Analysis question:

Do I send my Network Operating Center off shore to save money or do I spend more and keep it local?

Benefits of a Network Operating Center:

Better customer experience

When dealing with customer service issues it is important to keep the customer as happy as possibly. It requires more than just reading a script word for word. There needs to be some sort of empathy, a personal connection and that cannot be done with someone answering your call in a call center off shore. There must be some sort of relatability, whether that is geographically, linguistically, or just connecting to what is going on in their everyday life.

Brand Protection

Having a strong brand and reputation is what separates a good company with a strong and successful company. Having a domestic NOC will allow the call center to have a much better understanding of the brand. Having local engineers on call will allow your customers to feel more comfortable with your company or brand. When they feel their needs are understood and being met, your customers will be more satisfied.

Engineers’ Familiarity with your brand

Having a NOC with multiple engineers and multiple verticals of expertise is key. This allows for the quickest ticket resolution possible. The fact that it is domestic allows the brand to know exactly who the engineers are and what their expertise is and gives them more control. If they are overseas, there is limited control as to who is in the call center, what kind of standard operating procedures are being met as well as knowing the validity of those engineers.

No Language, Time or Cultural gaps

Sure, offshore call centers are usually capable of speaking the language needed, if not they would not be in business. But there are certain differences that cannot be replaced when it comes to having a domestic call center. Little subtleties, undertones, sarcasms that require constant personal experiences of locals is what cannot be replaced. Off shore agents usually cannot replicate this. We have all had that experience where an accent gets in the way of communication, or background noise of other calls interfering with your call trying to be resolved. There is less efficiency and sometimes the issue can never be dealt with.

Speed, Flexibility, Control

The fact that a domestic NOC is on shore is huge for modifications. Things can happen quickly, a new engineer can be added, new software can be tested in real time and reported on, implementation of new SOPs or systems can be done right away and can be reported on very quickly. The ability to physical visit the NOC is a big deal that cannot really be done if the call center is outsourced overseas. As a client you can stay on top of what is happening as it happens and there are no surprises.

If you made it to the end of the article, comment below what you think. Is it better to have your call center local or are you ok sending it off shore?