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Why Vicom ProServ

Vicom ProServ helps manage your technology so you can do what you do best:  focus on running your business


About Vicom ProServ

Vicom ProServ is an MSP and a division of Vicom Computer Services, Inc., a 38-year-old IT solution and services provider that has helped hundreds of firms support their IT needs in the NY Metro Area throughout the decades.


Simply put, what does an MSP do?  As an MSP, Vicom ProServ provides IT support, services, and technology to firms so they can focus on doing what they do best, which is running their businesses and not focusing on IT.  We provide services and solutions to help you wherever you stand in terms of your IT environment's maturity level.   Some firms have limited support and need extensive help, while many have IT support and personnel but need to augment what they are currently doing, while others prefer to outsource it and have someone else do it entirely. 


Since firms have unique IT support needs, no single cookie-cutter approach to supporting a business will work broadly for our customers.  Just as all companies are different, IT needs are different and should be approached as such.


Our 38+ years of experience help us understand what firms need when it comes to IT and recommend and provide appropriate solutions specific to any firm.  Why should you pay for 30 things included in a support package if you only really need 12 of them?  That's how we feel, so instead, we ensure we provide the right solution for your business and IT needs and not just a prepackaged set of offerings.  


IT support is something all firms need, but is not usually a priority, as it really shouldn't be.  Firms need to focus on running their business, not IT.  Firms tend to be reactive when it comes to IT—when something happens, they fix or address it—but that's not the best way to run IT.  Reactive IT allows for mistakes, decreased productivity, and security risks, something none of us can afford today. 

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We believe in proactive IT support, where we closely monitor your IT environment and address issues that arise—which is integral to MSP support—but most importantly, we take proactive action to ensure your IT and users are safe, productive, and secure.  This is the difference between "help us do it better support" (Proactive) versus "help me fix it" (Reactive) support, which is generally what most MSP's provide.


We help firms by supporting all aspects of their IT environments, including IT infrastructure, cloud, networks, storage, security, backups (which are really about restoring when needed), and endpoint devices.  Endpoint devices are often overlooked when it comes to IT support, but we all know how critical they are as they are how your employees access essential business services, such as email, applications, internet, data, etc. 

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We examine all parts of a firm's IT (from infrastructure to networks to end-user devices) and help resolve issues while focusing on ways to improve performance and value to the business. 


Because in the end, that's what IT is all about.

Vicom ProServ's Managed Service offering includes: 


24 x 7 Support


IT & Cloud Management


Change Mangement


Patch Management


Vendor Management




Backup and Restore




Moves / Adds / Changes




Business Process Reviews


Dynamic Support


Break / Fix


Modern Tools


Best of Breed Partnerships


Best in Class Provisioning


Extensive Tech Expertise


Support as Needs Grow


Minimize Downtime